Our vision is of a Sudhan community that has the capacity for everyone to partake and contribute to its growth and development. A Community that is characterised by its compassion, empathy, benevolence and humanity, where community members are not only valued, loved and cherished but each member becomes responsible for ensuring that others are not lonely, isolated or having to manage the trials and tribulations of life on their own. The Sudhan Welfare Society (SWS) seeks to ensure that Sudhan community members have access to the very best social and welfare services and are able to live within the dimensions and practices of their Muslim faith and Sudhan culture, whilst fully engaging with their societies and the broader world.


Our purpose is to provide the very best educational and health and social welfare services to the Sudhan community.


Our Mission is to undertake scholarly and industry research, in order to develop educational and social welfare programs that will provide the Sudhan community with the awareness and the ability to interact and engage, both within and with their social environments. The educational programs are incrementally designed, so as to facilitate the individual growth of learners and to cater for the learning of a broad criteria of individuals within a pluralistic context. In order to attain this, our mission is defined by our:

Responsibility and Accountability

  1. To learning and access of foundational levels of resources, expertise and provisions for the Sudhan community universally;

  2. To establish a platform for individuals from the Sudhan community to teach, mentor and share their skills and knowledge universally.


A local movement with universal perspectives. Our central aims and objectives are founded upon our mission and values, which seek to empower the Sudhan community to be able to participate and engage with society at the grassroots, domestic, national and global stages.

Our Values reflect our aim and mission in that Individuals from the Sudhan community should enjoy:


  • Equality through Education and Social Welfare: Have access to basic levels of resources, expertise and provisions.

  • Opportunity through Education and Social Welfare: Able to develop their own skills and abilities to teach, mentor and share their knowledge.

  • Liberation through Education and Social Welfare: Think and reason for themselves by developing critical and analytical thinking skills.



To Learn More: See the SWS Strategic Plan 2020-2025.